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we LOVE stupid people

we ARE stupid people

rajgopal vadanapututm bhattacharia III
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This is a community that is all about making fun of people. Yes as egotistical as we may sound, but thats all we do. And yes, we constantly make fun of ourselves as well.
-post pictures of funny/stupid/ugly looking people.
-post stories that talk about you or others acting stupid.

Why is this community called Rajgopal? It happened one night when the moderators (Veronica, Steph, and Priyanka) were at LoveSac and they saw an Indian man, when Priyanka (she's Indian so she wasn't being racist) said, I bet you that guy's name is Rajgopal. Then she yelled out the name but he didn't answer.

app and its just for fun so yeah....
1. Do you laugh when you see someone running because your imagining them tripping?
2. Do you find accents hilarious?
3. Do you have trouble keeping a straight face?
4. List 5 things that would make you laugh hysterically.
5. Give us your best pick up line you would use if you met Rajgopal.
6. You trip in the middle of the street. What do you do?
7. You see someone else trip. Do you a) rush to help them or b) laugh and point.
8. What do you think about COLORGUARD?
9. Do you find it amusing when you or others hurt themselves?
10. Do you like to make up imaginary stories, then laugh hysterically at it forever? Give us your best imaginary (imaginety according to Priyanka) story.
11. Shejules.
12. Give us a picture worthy of being the new Rajgopal background.