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1. Do you laugh when you see someone running because your imagining them tripping?
-Not only because it's funny to imagine them tripping, but anyone who is running somewhere aside from PE looks funny.

2. Do you find accents hilarious?
-Oh yess

3. Do you have trouble keeping a straight face?
-Yeah, especially in situations where laughter isn't expected

4. List 5 things that would make you laugh hysterically.
-Shouting out random words
-Chasing kids with hockey sticks down the street
-Indian men
-People who get hysterically mad
-Scaring little kids
-People falling

5. Give us your best pick up line you would use if you met Rajgopal.
-"I need to get my library card, cause I'm checking you out!"

6. You trip in the middle of the street. What do you do?
-Remain on the ground laughing.

7. You see someone else trip. Do you a) rush to help them or b) laugh and point.

8. What do you think about COLORGUARD?
-It's for people who have failed in dance and drama?

9. Do you find it amusing when you or others hurt themselves?
-Yeah, unless they get all bitchy when you laugh.

10. Do you like to make up imaginary stories, then laugh hysterically at it forever? Give us your best imaginary (imaginety according to Priyanka) story.
-This is a story Alek and I have been imagining for a while. I hope everyone knows who Yao is, and how Alek can imitate Yao's voice perfectly.
So once, Alek decided to call Yao and talk in Yao's voice. The conversation was recorded:
Yao: Hello?
Alek: Hello, Yao.
Yao: Who is dis? It is Alek Gent-Vincent!
Alek: No, I am Yao.
Yao: But I am Yao!
Alek: No.
Yao: Are you my conscience?
Alek: Yes.
Yao: I knew I had a conscience! Tell me what I should do about Mapquest.
Alek: Yao, Mapquest is fucking crap. I drive at the exact speed limit to see if their time is accurate.
Yao: Yes, but it is never right, Yao. Mapquest is fucking crap. Now if you're my conscience, go get me some shrooms. Because that is good and coke is not.
(And the fact is proven, Yao prefers shrooms over cocaine.)

11. Shejules.
-Color my world with sunshine?

12. Give us a picture worthy of being the new Rajgopal background.

Drunk Indian men

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