Roni (betmylife) wrote in rajgopal,


at school:
me and priyanka were fighting as usual and i kept blowing at her face. then out of nowhere (!!!) she blows at me. my response? "oh i forgot you had breath"

priyanka was on the phone w/ alek. she had the phone in her right hand, and the phone was on her left ear. i had her put the phone on the right side b/c apparently she forgot she had another ear.

at gomes:
we went to go pick up neel and cuteness, and i stepped out of the car donning priyanka's propellor hat chasing neel so he could come in the car.

at starbucks:
some indian kid had a handkerchief around his neck and priyanka looked at him and said "giddy up cowboy". non stop laughter.

i knocked over the thermos thing w/o even really touching it.
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