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lesson of the day: look for enlightenment in the unlikely places and yes, you will find it

what have i learned?

1) i am priyanka's pubic transportation buddy

Finchster18: hahahhaha
Finchster18: what does that mean
Finchster18: jk jk jk
dysfnctionalpyr0: i transport things to and from pubic regions
Finchster18: hahaha
dysfnctionalpyr0: u kno, she was on death row in singapore
fr e sa r iy a: i thought u were serious
dysfnctionalpyr0: :-*
fr e sa r iy a: ahh yes i was

2) i am a literary genius (i too be flowin like a mofo)

i wake up in the morning and think how can i make my day easy?
people are starting to learn a lot about science but sometimes it makes me queasy
once i really try to apply it, i decide scientific principles are my friend
and tasks are much easier from beginning to end!

3) (this wasn't really in the chat but it's okay!) i am a gangsta

dysfnctionalpyr0: i will run my ass foo
dysfnctionalpyr0: when 4th ends
Finchster18: yeah and u know why?
Finchster18: cuz u ezz my pawtna
dysfnctionalpyr0: fa sho fa sho
^we are oh so ghetto like sahra

4) i truly am blonde (i forgot my password for photobucket and i forgot something else which i have conveniently.. forgotten by now hahaha)

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